This service is required when the client is starting business with a new chinese factory and needs to check if whether or not it meets the characteristics necessary to meet his demand. It consists of a site visit to the factory with an audit of the site and plant, machinery, raw materials and production processes thereof. We makes a report, always supported with pictures of the audit.

Samples are collected and the supplier fill our comprehensive Supplier Evaluation Questionnaire SEQ

(this questionnaire has been completed with the time and expertise of many factories audited. Contains question abouts general business, organization, business organization, sales, financial information, certifications. 9 sections with over 70 essential questions about the supplier).

The same day of the inspection, the report, the samples and questionnaire are sent to the client to speed the decision process.

Supplier Audit

Service oriented to verify if the chinese manufacturer conforms the customer demand.

Supplier’s audit reflected in a final report, taking samples and filling our complete SEQ.