Glass Jars & Food Package

OEM manufacture the mold designed by the customer. The process involves the creation of module phase, approval of samples and final production.

Honey glass jars, containers for spices, pickles, condiments … With all kinds of fasteners: Aluminum, sealed with silicone, plastic covers, etc. We also offer glass bottles for drinks and jars for different uses like cosmetics or other products.

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OLE limited has extensive experience in the manufacture and development of glass jars. We manufacture glass bottles under OEM for all our customers. The bottles are full customized and manufactured under a mold, this mold is owned by the customer and will be used just for their products. Using the latest technology and the most advanced processes for mold making, we can ensure the optimum quality of our glass jars or glass containers.

We can make any design that you propose, including embossed logos and any kind of close systems.

Tell us the quantity and the requeriments of the glass jars (Capacity (ml), weight, color, transparency, fasteners, regulations, labeling, packaging…) that you’re looking for and we will offer you our best quotation.