About Us

OLE limited is a company established in Hong Kong since 2005 by Spanish investors. We have offices in the south of China (Guangzhou) to provide import services to all the companies interested in the chinese market. Our main customers are Hispanic companies that want to find new business opportunities in Southeast Asia.

OLE limited is a projection of your company in the Asian territory, we protect your interests and we look for appropriate opportunities for your business structure.

We have good experience in business in the Chinese and Hispanic market, OLE limited acts as a bridge to facilitate better trade relations between both worlds.

At this time OLE Limited has a special department to import products like glass jars or packaging products, we have extensive experience in this kind of products. We also have available an online shop that facilitates the booking of our services such as search or supplier audits, two important services when a company begins to import from China.

Our staff is composed by great professionals: Graduates in law, economics, engineering and translation. The OLE Limited team has different nationalities: Spanish, Chinese, South Americans and Germans. This combination allows us to achieve a better cultural knowledge of the environment in which we work and obtain an optimum level of efficiency. Our staff speaks several languages that allows us to work fluently with our customers and also with the chinese suppliers.

The degree of involvement with our clients is absolute, we try to work as a part of your company in China, we defend your interests like our own interests.

Import from China can be easier now!